Tel Control V3.3 On-Off


Tel Control V3.3 On-Off


How to use it.
1.Connect the RJ11 plugs from the wall jack to your printed circuit (circuit).
2.Connect the 12V DC / AC terminals for AC / DC (ADAPTOR).
3.Connect the output relay Cm & NO in series with the supply of the device you want to control and simultaneously alongside BY-PASS SWITCH to neutralizing the TEL-CONTROL.
4.The first of the three codes seems written on the standard circuit round green sticker. With 6 DIP SWITCHES BYNARY select in the second code (i.e. from 00 to 63).
5.Switch the supply to see the first green light (LED) lights up.
6.Call the phone number that you connect your device and let ktipisi 3-7 times until you answer the call you.
7.Just answer the call you will hear a beep when the sound is finished then you must enter the password in the second stable (e.g. 2) and then the second dypsifio number you have programmed eseis.Akolouthos enter 1 for the activation (Power on) relay output, or enter 0 for disable (off) the relay output simultaneously and the device you want to check through.
8.If you do not want to control the output through the TEL-CONTROL then make the switch is on the side in place BY-BASS (ON) to have full control of externally controlled device.
9.The output relay is able to control the 240V AC supplies up 2AMP. For heavier loads to use external relays or relay (CONTACTOR).